Parochial Church St. Maria

Crkva Sv. Marije Zvonik

From former many churches and chapels, in Vrbnik nowadays only five of them is used, or seven if we count ones at Garica and Risik.

Single-naved parochial church St. Maria dominated the City, which, according to old sources was also called cathedral and collegiate church. Same as we are unaware of the beginnings of Vrbnik, we neither know the beginning of the parochial church. According to some records we can conclude that it was built at the location of an earlier building in 1th/16th century, and present front side originated in 19th century. During its history, it experienced several important partitioning and additions. The church has baroque furniture, dishes, and the altar. Among the articles, the Renaissance altar Our Lady of Rosary, allegedly gift from the Duke Frankopan in 1599.

Besides the parochial church, there is also the St. Mary Chapel from 1505, with a polytypth of St. Ana from 14th century, work of local craftsmen. At the central altar, there is a piece of work “Last Supper” made by Marin Cvitkovic of Kotor in 1599.


Crkva Sv. Marije Popločenje

Renaissance tower is separated from the church and stands by its west side. It was built in 1527 according to Glagolitic-script inscription carved into rock put at the entrance into the tower. In front of the church there is the main square with lodge, “potestaria” and Duke’s Court.

True masterpiece is the Library of Dinko Vitezic of Vrbnik with over 10,000 volumes. The most valuable among them is Glagolitic-script from 4th-5th century, and the most important one is the 1st illuminated Vrbnik Missal from 1456 and several incunabula. Within the Library, there is also the triptych “Blessed Virgin Maria with Saints”.


Bacin’s Court” (Baćin dvor)


Baćin dvor Baćin dvor Baćin dvor


According to tradition, Krk dukes, the last one Frankopans, owned two houses in Vrbnik Duke’s Court, remodeled into school in 1841, and Bacin’s Court”, named after the Duke Bartol VII (1330-1343) Bacin from 14th century.

Bacin’s Court is located in the street called Glavaca, post probably named after the chief who lived there. According to tradition, Bacin’s Court was some kind of refuge: anybody who came in and stayed there was protected.

Krk dukes owned two more castles nearby Vrbnik: at the hill of St. Moor, and above Vrbnik Field - Gradec on Rovoznik. Many believe that precisely Gradec was the first homeland and the first property of Krk dukes.


Baćin dvor Baćin dvor

At the local cemetery, there is gothic St. John the Baptist, Vrbnik protector, from 15th century, and in the neighboring cove ruins of medieval small St. George church, with remains of romantic frescos, assuming that it was built in 9th century.


Urbane structure
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