Vrbničko polje


Vrbnik is situated at the northeast coast of the island of Krk, above the Velebit strait, by the small bay of St. Marco. It is located immediately above the sea, on the 49 meter high cliff, which almost vertically dives into the sea from its north side. Access is very difficult from the sea side, while there is steep road going from the port to the city. It is not a surprise that folk song mention it in the poem “Vrbnik above the sea, high mountain …”

Nearby Vrbnik there is very fertile soil and wide Vrbnik Field, which has always yield abundant crops, therefore viticulture, horticulture, and olive production have been the main economic sources of income for the local inhabitants. In green vineyards of Vrbnik fields there is even today cultivated very famous Vrbnik Zlatina.

Vrbnik is the city of Glagolitic-script, and Dukes of Frankopan, city of sacral ensembles, wine cellars and fortification sights. It also a sample of urban fitting into salvage beauty of nature, which means that it is one of most valuable urbane unit, because of its medieval structures and valuable single constructions (St. George Church, Church of St. Joan the Baptist, “Bacin” Court, Church of Our Lady, Parish Bell Tower …). in accordance with the Cultural Monuments Protection Act of 1970, when it was entered into the register of Unmovable Cultural Monuments.

    Urbane structure

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