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The coast region of Vinodol is an isolated geographical unit of the eastern Kvarner area, situated between the Bakar inlet at Northwest and Novi Vinodolski at Southeast. The most characteristic feature of this area is the existence of well-marked longitudinal zones, seaside mountain-ridge, sediment depressions and steep coast section with dolomite flexion towards the main seaside reef. The seaside mountain-ridge is traversed by two main breaks - Dobračina near Crikvenica and Suha Ričina near Novi. Main roads connecting coastal and inner part of Vinodol have from times immemorial been passing through those places.

The fertile valley and abundance of water acted as an oasis in the Karst, therefore the valley of Vinodol was the focus of life in the past. That life took place mostly at elevated positions, in fortified castelli (castles). The prehistoric finds give evidence about the life of Palaeolithic people in the cave Peć na Zagori, and the remains of the Bronze Age are found at the castellum at Osp.

The region gains more significant status during the Roman reign, when it becomes lively, especially as a transit area at a newly built road which led from Aquileia (northern Italy) through Istria to Tarsatica (Rijeka), and from there through Vinodol to Senia (Senj). It was referred to it as "Vallis Vinearia" (the valley of wine), what proves its exceptional agrarian value, especially wine-growing tradition.

In the second part of the 19th ct., with economic development of Rijeka (the building of port, the road called "Lujzinska" and railway line Rijeka-Karlovac-Zagreb thereby connecting with Vienna and Budapest), the possibility of economic development of contact areas is created, in that way also of Vinodol, especially its coastal part (Crikvenica, Selce, Novi). With the development of tourist attractive settlements along the coast, the focus of life is transferred from the valley to the coast.

Today, at this area at the expanse of 400 km2 lives about 8600 inhabitants (census from 1991.). According to the Law of counties, towns and county districts territory in the Republic of Croatia, the valley of Vinodol is divided into two territorial-administrative units: The County District Of Vinodol and The City Novi Vinodolski

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