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The Old Croatian Ear-ring X. ct.

The valley of Vinodol is rich in cultural and historical heritage. There is a significant number of castles of the Frankopans, sacral buildings with valuable painting, sculptural and stone-masons works of art and abundant inventory, buildings of profane and residential architecture, and works of spiritual culture.

The cultural and historical heritage in "the period before the Law", can be discussed about on the basis of tradition registered in literary sources or church chronicles. That oldest period of Croatian immigration to Vinodol is wrapped in legends of "Greek"origin of antiquities. The only certain trace of pre-Romanesque architecture are the substructures of the chapel which the present church of St. Martin is built into, on the islet having the same name, opposite to Lopar in Novi Vinodolski. The Old Croatian necropolis in Veli Dol near Križišće and the one at Gorica in Stranče have been archaeological researched.

St Martin's Chappel

The use of fortification in Vinodol is a reflection of necessity. The rhythm of building forts depended on the oscillation of strategic position of Vinodol during the centuries,on the value of its parts and on appearance and disappearance of exterior enemies.

In prehistory castelli are situated on the seaside mountain ridge in a uniform line from the hill of Trsat and Solin to Vlaška peć. The second line of prehistoric forts is arranged in the agrarian zone from Grobnik to Pavlomir. The Romans build seven edifices near the limes route, of what give evidence the remains of Lišanj in Novi Vinodolski near the road leading to Senj.

Old Croatian Juwellery, 10th ct. Stranče-Gorica

Old Croatian Juwellery,
10th ct.

Besides the old antique forts in Vinodol, in early Middle Ages the towns are arranged in such a way to protect the river flows and the communications leading along with them, and also mountain saddles. In that way Grobnik and Trsat protect Riječina, Badanj protects Dobračina, Bribir and Novi protect Suha Ričina. This position is also kept during the Turkish invasion. After the Battle at Krbavsko polje, with the appearance of firearms, the forts of Vinodol are modernised and made competent for effective protection against the Turks.

According to data of the Ministry of Culture, Administration for the protection of cultural heritage, Department of Ancient Monuments in Rijeka, in Vinodol area there are five monuments recorded in the Register of immovable monuments of culture, and about thirty insufficiently researched objects or units possessing qualities of immovable monuments of culture are registered and placed under preventive protection.


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