The area of the town Crikvenica covers the expanse of 32 square kilometres and it consists of 15 settlements. The Crikvenica riviera is situated in a highly favourable geo-traffic location, with the unique nature of its coast and valuable historical features, which all make a strong fundation for its tourism with a long tradition.

The area of Crikvenica rapidly developes in the second half of the 19th ct., with the first appearance of health tourism. They promote bathing in sea water, in that many wealthy citizens select coastal regions for their holidays destinations. This kind of initiative gave an impulse to the development of architecture, the result of which are numerous structures of high aesthetic and style value, carried out according to the projects of renowned architects.

Archaeological zones and localities Urban settlements Village settlements (rural units) Significant buildings of Crikvenica Ethno-zones and ethno-monuments

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