Significant buildings of Crikvenica

Former Paulist monastery – now "Kaštel" hotel
The former monastery – castle in Crikvenica, is situated in the eastern part of the town, between two communications, and in between the sea and river Dobračina. Originally the whole area was enclosed in walls the remains of which are still visible.

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At the mouth of Dobračina, near chapel of Holy Virgin Mary, the Frankopans erect a monastery as their endowment, in 1412. This large edifice is fortified with a round tower, and has a closed yard and a big water cistern. The monastery is inhabited by the Paulist monks, until the abrogation of their order in 1786. The two-storey monastery and the church make a closed complex around the inner yard. The church is remodelled in a baroque manner, with a Gothic vaulted-over sanctuary. The cloister continues along the northern wall, where there are two cisterns. The interiour arrangement of the monastery is in concordance to its original function: small and simple chambers, narrow corridors, refectory, library etc. Unfortunately, the monastery was substantialy degraded with the adapatation and reconstruction carried out to serve the purpose of a hotel.

"Therapia" hotel, ex "Nadvojvode Josipa"
The recognition of Crikvenica as a health resort begins around 1890, and the Building society constructs "Therapia" hotel for that purpose, with the latest equipment of the time. The building has been the oldest and biggest representative health resort structure in this region since 1897 (architect S. Hofler from Budapest). The purpose of the structure determined its location in regard to Crikvenica, its size, the interiour plan, the architectural articulation and the treatment of the fronts. The surroundings are cultivated into a park with subtropical vegetation.

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The mass of the structure is articulated into several elements, the main central part with distinguished elements on both sides and with one smaller object, a type of pavilion, at one side. The front faces the sea and it is rich in loggias, balconies and terraces. In that way the both functions of the building – of a health resort and a hotel, are reflected on its external appearances.

Miramar hotel
"Miramare" hotel is one of the first larger hotel structures in the area of Crikvenica`s riviera. It was built in 1905 (Rimanuczy), with characteristic architectural features of the period, with loggias, balconies and terraces. The front details are made in the Secession style. The hotel has preserved its original conception of the interiour. It is typical of hotel structures from the beginning of the development of tourism, still it belongs to more successful achievements of that kind in Kvarner region.

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