THE GREAT BELL-TOWER OF RAB is probably the prettiest and the oldest bell-tower, which was a role-model for all the other Romanesque bell-towers from the eastern part of the Adriatic. It is erected in the vicinity to the parochial church of the Holy Mary and it represents high Romanesque architecture with a characteristic rhythm of apertures at the front. There is a tension towards gradual dissection of the wall towards the upper storeys, by means of monophoras, across biphoras and triphoras to the big terminal quadriphora. Pyramidal dome is surrounded with a pretty Renaissance balustrade. Harmoniously composed architectural and decorative elements promote this bell-tower into the rank of the highest-quality monuments on our coast. It was built probably by the beginning of the 13th c., and a hexagonal pyramidal dome is from the 15th c.

The Great Bell-tower of Rab

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