St. Peter's Church In the valley of Supetarska Draga there are the remains of a Benedictine monastery and St. Peter's Church, one of the most distinctive buildings of the period in Croatian territory. This monastery was founded in the second half of the 11th c., and it was abandoned in the 16th c. Archeological finds from this area are indicating the existence of some objects (probably of economic purpose) already in the ancient times, and there is a possibility that an Early Christian basilica was a predecessor of today's church.

Present-day church is a three-nave early-Romanesque basilica with semicircular apses, a sculpturally defined gable of the portal and a line of consoles which bear the garret-cornice. The type of basilica is characteristic for the island area of Kvarner (Krk, Rab).

A Romanesque bell-tower is preserved in its bottom portion, and it has been recently reconstructed in the upper zone. The preserved Gothic bell is from 1299, the oldest one on the eastern Adriatic coast. The monastery is abandoned in the 16th c., the building is later repeatedly rebuilt and today it serves partly as a parish house.

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