The Island of Rab - Position


The island of Rab belongs to a group of inner Kvarner islands. It is situated in the bay of Kvarner between the islands of Krk and Pag. The Velebit canal divides the island from the mainland, and there is a distance of 1800 metres from the nearest, southeastern cape, to the mainland. A population of 9 565 inhabitants lives in the area of 90,8 km2, according to the census from 1971, in eight settlements: Rab, Lopar, Mundanija, Supetarska Draga, Kampor, Barbat, Banjol and Palit. According to the regulation about local government the island of Rab is one district, and the settlement Rab is administrative, governing and cultural centre of the whole island.

Geographical position, suitable climate, flourishing Mediterranean vegetation, beautiful beaches, clean sea and abundance of sun, as well as a valuable cultural-historical heritage have all been favorable for the development of tourism. Today Rab is one of the most developed islands for tourism. In the central, cultivable part of the island, olives, wine grapes and vegetables are grown, whereas large portions of the island are covered with macchia and Mediterranean oak forests.

The island is connected to the mainland by ferryboat lines between Mišnjak and Jablanac, as well as Lopar and Senj. There is also a ferryboat for the island of Krk: Lopar (Rab) - Baška (Krk).

THE ISLAND OF RAB: Position, History and Cultural-historical heritage The town of Rab: Position, History and Monumental heritage Kampor Supetarska Draga

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