The Church of St. Francis
The Church of St. Francis at the Cemetary

CHURCH OF ST. FRANCIS, at the cemetery in Mundanije, was constructed in the second part of the 15th c. in late-Gothic and early-Renaissance style. The rectangular, extending aisle and a square sanctuary are vaulted over with a fractured Gothic ceiling. At the triumphal arch the coats of arms of the donors are carved; almost all most famous patrician families of Rab. The church front, made of regularly cut stones, is adorned with three stylized Renaissance shells on the gable. An inscription from 1491 is carved into the portal, and skillfully made festoons on the architrave are made in the manner of the sculptural workshop of I. Dukanović, whose follower, P. Trogiranin, dwells in Rab at that time. A monastery was situated near the church of St. Francis, and was pulled down by the beginning of the 20th c.

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