At the entrance to Kampor, on the ridge of the Cove of Sta. Euphemia, there is an old FRANCISCAN MONASTERY WITH THE CHURCH OF STA. EUPHEMIA. The Franciscan monks have been the inhabitants of the monastery ever since 1445. The church of Sta. Euphemia is a one-nave Romanesque building, and it is mentioned in 1237. Inside the church there is a painting of Our Lady of Greece in the Baroque frame, made between the 12th and the 15th c.

Kampor - Franciscan monastery of Sta. Euphemia

THE CHURCH OF ST. BERNARDINO is a one-nave church with a painted cassette ceiling. It was built in 1458 in a Gothic style and remodelled in a Baroque style in the 17th c. An archive and a library with illuminated codices from the 15th and the 16th c. are situated in the monastery. Stone slabs with a characteristic decoration from the 9th to the 10th c. were built into the altar partition wall. In the lateral chapels there is a polyptich by the brothers Vivarini, from 1458, and a wooden late-Gothic crucifix. The cloister is situated at the centre of the monastery, with a lapidary with Roman inscriptions which was built into it, and a sarcophagus of Manda Budrišić, the founder of the monastery, which shows a figural relief from the end of the 15th c.

Monastery of Sta. Euphemia
Detail of a church-tower
in the shape of a distaff
Cloister of the monastery

A memorial cemetery dedicated to the victims of a fascist terror is situated in the cove of Kampor. It was built according to the project of E. Ravnikar in 1955. The main parts of the cemetery are constructed in white stone and marble. 1056 plates with names of the victims are set in regular lines, among the greens. In the memorial part of the cemetery there is a pretty memorial dome with a valuable composition in mosaic, the work of M. Pregelj.

Kampor - A Memorial Cemetery
Mosaic in the memorial cemetery

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