THE TOWN OF RAB - Position

The town is situated on the peninsular rock turned towards the southwest, with a harbour on the opposite side, towards which are ascending the so called "ruge" (transversal streets with stairs). Three parallel longitudinal streets are the Lower, the Middle and the Upper Street, and they are stretching from northwestern walls to the southeastern part of the peninsula, where they scatter in irregular planimetry of the oldest part of town - Kaldanac. According to its spatial organization the town leaves an impression of the antique pattern of residential buildings - insulae, although its today's urbanistic basis and the biggest part of its architectural heritage was acquired mostly in the period of Romanticism.

Four bell-towers from Rab
The view of the roofs of Rab
and the cove of Sta.Euphemia

Rab - ambiances

Rab - "ruge"
Rab - town's wall
Rab - town's lodge

THE ISLAND OF RAB: Position, History and Cultural-historical heritage The town of Rab: Position, History and Monumental heritage Kampor Supetarska Draga

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