THE TOWN OF RAB - Monumental Heritage

Panorama Raba s četiri zvonika

Sacral buildings are situated on the peninsula and they make, with four bell-towers and parts of town wall, one of the most valuable architectural units. From the peripheral, southeastern part of the peninsula, with irregular planimetry of the oldest part of the town "Kaldanac", several buildings are following each other: Romanesque cathedral of the Great Holy Mary with separated Great bell-tower of Rab, Benedictine convent of St. Andrew with a Romanesque church and a bell-tower, the remains of the Church of St. John the Evangelist, and chapels of Sta. Catherine, St. Anthony the Abbot (monastery), St. Christopher, The Holy Cross, Sta. Justine (Benedictine nunnery), St. Anthony of Padua and St. Francis' Church.

ST. CHRISTOPHER'S CHAPEL, the patron of the town and the island, was built in the 15th c. The chapel has a plain portal and a rosette on the front. It is abandoned in the 19th c., and today it is used as a town's lapidary. The lapidary is rich in numerous exhibiting items from the ancient times till the 13th c., among which the most prominent is a sepulchral slab belonging to family Crnota.

THE CHURCH OF THE HOLY CROSS, originally a medieval building, is mentioned in 1286 as a town's hospice of a Benedictine abbey of St. Peter in Supetarska Draga. Church gained its today's shape in the 16th c. The interior gains baroque features in the 18th c. (stucco works by brothers Somazzi).

PRINCE'S PALACE is a significant secular building which stands out in the urbanistic unit of the town of Rab. It is built in the Gothic - Renaissance style. It is actually a group of palaces which were built at the same time, above which dominates a high square tower with lovely windows from the period of high Gothic and Renaissance. The building of the palace started already in the 13th c., but the most characteristic parts belong to the 15th and the 16th c.

Main town's square
with prince's palace
Prince's palace - balcony detail

A town's clock tower was built in the 16th c., in the vicinity to the Prince's palace.

The view of town's lodge
clock tower
The portal of the Crnota palace

In THE PALACE CRNOTA, decorated by A. Aleši and Juraj Dmitrov, only a monumental portal with a coat of arms in a Gothic lunette is preserved.

LITTLE PALACE "NIMIRA" was built by the end of the 15th c. in the late-Gothic style. Only the atrium and a lovely portal is left from the building. The portal belongs to the art-circle of Juraj Dalmatinac, according to its style characteristics. In the interior of the palace, a small courtyard of a square ground plan is preserved, surrounded with porticoes and columns carrying the gallery.

Palace Nimira

PALACES GALZIGNA AND MARINELIS have preserved a Renaissance morphology.

PALACE DOMINIS is a secular building with richly adorned Renaissance windows, big portal and a pretty courtyard with porticoes. The building derives from the 15th c., and it belonged to a patrician family called Dominis. The entrance to the palace is ornamented with a beautiful portal with the family's coat of arms.

Main town's square
with palace Dominis
Palace Dominis

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