OLIVE MILL a press for olives

It is around 200 years old. The interior mechanism consists of immovable and movable inventory. The immovable device for grinding of olives is: stone plate, stone wheel with wooden horizontal beams of oars, two vertical wooden screws, the horizontal beam, stone drainage for oil, a device for the placing of the tub beneath the ground level, and the movable inventory special sacks, olive measuring utensils, etc. The movable inventory is damaged.

Olive mill in Punat is the oldest on the island of Krk. It is characterised by screws for pressing which are made of wood. A mechanism with screws and beams in the mill has a special worth and is of a unique type. All immovable inventory is fixed to the ground and to wooden beams ceiling, and is characterised with a typical rustic construction and it represents an autentic document of construction and practice of traditional rural inventory.

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