The area of the town of Opatija, with a surface of 68 km2 takes up a northwestern side of the coastal area of the Bay of Kvarner, and the southeastern slopes of Učka. 12719 inhabitants live in that area, according to census from 2001, in 10 settlements: Dobreć, Ičići, Ika, Mala Učka, Opatija, Oprič, Pobri, Poljane, Vela Učka, Veprinac. Opatija is an administrative and cultural centre of the whole town`s territory.

The area of Opatija is a heterogenous in a cultural-historical sense. The heterogeneousness of the area is conditioned with its historical development, but especially with different economical resources. For centuries the inhabitants of Opatija`s coastal region have been oriented towards maritime affairs, agriculture and fishing, while the inhabitants of karst tract have been dealing with forest exploration, agriculture and cattle breeding. With the development of industry and shipping industry, the economical structure of this area changes, with the emphasis on tourism and all of its accompanying activities (catering trade, trade, education and culture, health service, handicrafts etc.). Modern movements in tourism affected the fisherman`s and marine tradition, which continues through touristical-nautical and sports activity on the sea.

The area is rich with cultural-historical heritage, especially urban one, but also with rural ambiances, architectural buildings and especially park ensambles, which enrich the touristic offer and create conditions for a more successful economical development of the area of the town of Opatija.

Cultural-Historical Heritage Opatija Veprinac Volosko Ičići Mala Učka

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