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In the immediate vicinity to Omišalj, on the localities: Medrmunići, Lokvice, Na stanu, Za škuje, Bajić, Pod mindulinu, Brgučina (local names), there are groups of economical-ethnographic buildings: mošuna, štaja sa magarima, and jara and gubna.

Locality Štaje near Omišalj is of an ethnographic value because it directly records a popular economic culture of the island of Krk, especially Omišalj from the 19th c. and earlier. The locality represents a whole and a functional area with all the necessary structures for the maintenance of the traditional popular, cattle-breeding and agricultural culture. The structures are: stone štaje for the cattle and the deposit of hay, with a front space called magar, and stone jare for the tools, mošune for small stock and gubna for threshing grain. The ground was organized by means of dry-stone walls and paths towards the private and communal estates. With its patterns, treatment and terminology it also records the economical foundations of Omišalj from the 19th c. and earlier. The ethnographic locality Štaje includes about hundred structures of a local and environmental value.

The remains of the outhouses - locality Štaje

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