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The territory of District Mošćenička Draga encompasses the western coast of the Bay of Kvarner, as well as the eastern slopes of the Učka mountain. The wooded slopes of Učka descend comparatively gently towards the sea and the indented coast, where the steep, rocky cliffs and pebble beaches follow one another. During the history, in this area of pleasant climate and exuberant vegetation, the inhabitants were predominantly fishermen and cattle-breeders.

Today, the the economical development of this region is mostly based on tourism and the comparative values of natural and cultural-historical resources. 1630 inhabitants live in the area of 63 km2 , in 14 settlements: Brseč, Donji Kraj, Golovik, Grabrova, Kalac, Martina, Mošćenice, Mošćenička Draga, Obrš, Sučići, Sv. Anton, Sv. Jelena, Sv. Petar, Zagorje. Mošćenička Draga is an administrative and cultural centre of the district.

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