Gradska vrata Kaštel

City Portal, Fortalice”


The City is entered through the City Portal (with carved Hapsburg Coat of Arms and the year 1634, when perhaps the portal was reconstructed), before which, according to some sources, there had been a wooden movable bridge (which could be interpreted by its name). The City entrance is defended by a square tower, “fortalice”, presently a school, located at the left side of the City Portal. The first floor was reserved for feudalism’s representative, while the ground floor was meant for the “fotnik”, space left for collection of crops that Moscenice people had to pay to their masters. Immediately after entering the City Portal, where presently the Museum is located, there was a prison.

On the right side of the portal there is “Straznica” - Rare, City’s lodge, place of all important happenings. City’s guard found shelter underneath, it was place for voting and carrying on all decisions, announcements were read, commercial activities took place and contracts signed, but also people were dancing there and took part in pleasure events.


Loža Stražnica

City’s lodge


From the entrance there are two branching roads, connected into the organic crosses of covered passages, which formed small urbane architectonic ambient, almost before each house. It is specially pointed in the north-eastern part of the settlement. Baroque era is expressed in the builiding of house rows, on which some details, or total conceptions of the rare part disclose influence of Baroque style.


Kuća Negovetić Kuća Negovetić - portal

Negovetic House - portal


Negovetic House, No. 61 (from 1770) has pointed representative portal with caved inscription and relief with czar’s two-head eagle (privileged awarded by the czar the aristocratic title - “Negovetic de Kombox”).

Deskovic House, located at the lower part of the city, at he exceptional location with view on the Kvarner Bay, and front part made in Baroque with exquisite well in the middle of the yard.


Kuća Negovetić - reljef Kuća Negovetić - natpis Kuća Dešković - bunar

Negovetic House - relief and inscription, Deskovic House - the well

Most houses have signs of rural architecture with the characteristic space for olive press, “tos”. In the past surroundings of Moscenice were very reach with olive presses, but downtown there were only two of them. Presently there is only one city “tos”, located in the house No. 60, which is a representative sample for meeting tradition, therefore, in accordance with the Protection of Cultural Monuments law of 1970 it was included in the Register of Static Cultural Monuments.


Toš Toš

Olive press -“tos”


Mošćenice - urbane structure

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