Sv.Andrija - zvonik Sv.Andrija Reljef

Parochial church of St. Andrews


By the highest hill point dominates belfry (which got cupola in 1658) of three-naval parochial church of St. Andrews, which is located at the end of one plane and short street at the central city square.

The oldest part of the church is its belfry, wide and massive at its lower part, which indicates Medieval origin. The church in present form was created throughout centuries. First in 1640 the old, Medieval, single-naval church was raised. Present baroque appearance it got at the time of Jesuits, when in 1699 - 1704 the presbytery was prolonged, and in the period from 1785 to 1794 side navels were rebuilt. The inside of the church is made in baroque stile.


Unutrašnjost crkve Klupa

The main altar, carved chorus benches from the beginning of 18th century


In the presbytery, left and right from the altar, there are wooden, carved chorus benches from the beginning of 18th century, most probably work of the master M. Zirrera of Rijeka. At the main altar there are 5 stone sculpture (from the beginning of 18th century), work of baroque master Jakov Contieri of Padova.

At the church lapidary, there is a relief of St. Peter with popes’ cap (on the west wall), and a relief on the dish blessed water, crossing himself. Both relief’s were made by the same local craftsman.


Reljef Krstionica Reljef - raspeće

Relief of St. Peter, the dish blessed water, Crucifix


Outside, at church wall, behind the altar there is a stone relief - Crucifix, with St. Francis of Assisi and don Frane Negovetic, Moscenice priest kneeling.

At the plateau around the church, at the place with planted horsechetnuts, called by local population “Kosnica”, there had been the first Moscenice Cemetery until 18th century.


Sv.Bartol Sv. Sebastjan

St. Bartholomew Church, St. Sebastian Church

Immediately by the Cite, across the road, at the entrance of the new city cemetery, inaugurated in 1744, there is a small St. Bartholomew Church (from 1628), with characteristic porch called “lopica”. Behind the Church, under the same porch, Moscenice local people elected their local communal administration: district head, judge, and others. Nearby the Church, by the road, there is the district head’s table made of stone, and laying benches, where people were judicially processed as well legal matters were resolved. Close to the City core there is also a small Oath Church for protection against plague, dedicated to St. Sebastian (from 1506), with annexed characteristic porch “lopica” at its front side.


Kalvarija - kapelica Kalvarija - kapelica

Calvary - chapels

Outside the City there is also Calvary, with chapels from 18th century. Climbing the top of the Calvary, besides physical relaxation, it will also be spiritual refreshment, after viewing the most beautiful scenery of the city of Moscenice.


Mošćenice - urbane structure
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