At relatively small distance of Opatija (14 km), on its south side, above Moscenicka Draga, with beautiful views on Kvarner Bay, there is the Mediveal fortified city Moscenice.

The settlement is located on the hill (173 m) on the east slopes of Ucka, blended with the ground configuration, naturally protected place, which had in the past exceptional strategic value, because traffic through the old road could be supervised, driving on steep rocky hillsides of the north-eastern part of Istria coast. The ground under Moscenice fall down deep by the sea. Only from one point the access to the city is possible, and at that point city’s portals were erected.

Today, Moscenice is a typical coastal city with well preserved and ambientally interesting city core, which hides picturesque urbane spaces with outstanding very valuable objects.

Because of its value the medieval urbane structure and valuable single buildings (St. Andrew parochial church, Negovetic-Draskovic house, mill and olive press in the house No. 60, etc.) and Moscenice historical core ware registered in accordance with the Cultural Monuments Protection Law into the Register of Stationary Cultural Monuments.

    Urbane Structure

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