The settlement is situated in the north-western part of Krk, in a cove bearing the same name, bordered by capes Ćuf and Pelova. Although being a more recent settlement, it has got a longstanding tourist tradition.

Chapel of St. Nicholas in the centre of Malinska

In the period when Dubašnica was a county district (from the 19th c and onwards), Bogovići was the centre. Today it is Malinska. This area is surrounded with 19 villages (Bogovići, Barušići, Kremenići, Ljutići, Milčetići, Milovčići, Oštrobradići, Porat, Radići, Sv. Ivan, Strilčići, Sabljići, Sv. Anton, Sv. Vid-Miholjice,Turčići, Vantačići, Zidarići, Žgombići), which have almost merged with Malinska due to intense development in recent decades. A new parochial church of St. Apollinaris is located in Bogovići.

Parochial church of St. Apollinaris in Bogovići
Parochial church of St. Apollinaris – sanctuary

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