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Defensive tower

Veli Lošinj is mentioned for the first time under the name of Velo selo. The oldest core of Velo selo developed in the 13th/14th ct. around Romanesque church of St. Nicholas from the 14th ct. The church of St. Nicholas keeps votive paintings of sailors from the 18th ct. The original settlement was of a scattered type, the houses were built according to the position of agricultural lands, not regarding the street lines. A defensive tower - refuge is from the 15th ct.

Rovenska - panorama

The church of St. Nicholas

The parochial church of St. Antony Abbot Anchoret

Parochial church of St. Anthony Abbot the Anchoret was built on the place of the first chapel from the 15th ct. In the 17th ct. the old church is pulled down and the new one erected, a bigger basilica with three naves, which is completely renovated in 1774. when the building of the third one takes place, a present-day luxurious Baroque church. In the church, on the main altar there is a marble antependium with an imagery of the Last Supper in Emaus, a work of G. Albertino da Pirano. The richest gallery of the paintings of Italian masters in the islands of Kvarner can be found in the church: tempera on wood Mother of God with the Child and the Saints (1475) - by B. Vivarini, St. Francis - by B. Strozzi, St. John the Baptist - by L. Quareno, Deputation of the Kings - by F. Hayez and L. del Cosse, Souls in the Purgatory - by F. Polenzo.

Not far off from the harbour in Veli Lošinj there is the church of St. Mary (Our Lady of angels), which was built in 1510., and was later refurnished in the Baroque style. The church keeps a valuable collection of Venetian masters' paintings: St. Francis and St. Hildebrand by F. Fontebass, eight paintings of G. A. Pelegrini and several paintings from the 16th-18th ct, one of which is attributed to Titian.

The church of Sta. Mary (Our Lady of Angels)

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