The island of Lošinj is separated from the island of Cres by 11 metres wide artificial canal (the transit Osor), across which a movable bridge for the traffic is built. The coast of the island is very indented, and it is steep and stony on the north-western side. The island has a mild Mediterranean climate, rich evergreen vegetation and well secured inlets.

It has been inhabited since prehistoric times (what is proved by many material remains on Osorščica and around the harbour on Mali Lošinj), and during the time of the Romans, but, in distinction from Cres, it was uninhabited in the Middle Ages. The first records about the immigrants from the mainland date from 1280.

Previously famous for its maritime affairs and shipbuilding industry, by the end of the 19th ct. it starts developing trade and tourism (Mali Lošinj and Veliki Lošinj were recognized as climatic localities in 1892.), what is today also the main branch of economy.

The Town Of Mali Lošinj Osor Mali Lošinj Veli Lošinj Nerezine Sveti Jakov The arhipelago of Lošinj

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