Nerezine - panorama

The parochial church of Our Lady of Health

Nerezine is a settlement and a harbour on the eastern coast of the northern part of the island, near by the road which connects the island with the mainland across the island of Cres. It is mentioned for the first time in the 14th ct.

The parochial church of Our Lady of Health with one nave was built in 1877. On the main altar there is a painting of Mother of God with St. Nicholas and St. Gaudencius, a work attributed to Palma Junior.

The fort of the
family of Kolan Draža

The Franciscan monestery
with the church

The Franciscan monastery with the church and the cloister from the 1510., is a pious endowment of the family Draža from Osor. A Renaissance triangle bell-tower was built around 1600. An altar pall of Girolamo di Santacroce can be found in the church, also the painting "Mother of God with the Child", a work of unknown Venetian master from the 15th ct.

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