Mali Lošinj - panorama

Mali Lošinj is the biggest settlement and harbour on the island. It lays amphitheatrically at the bottom of a spacious and well protected bay. It is mentioned for the first time under the name of Malo selo. The settlement develops around the church of St. Martin (at the cemetery). The church was built in the 15th ct. and had annexes built to it several times. On the cemetery fence there is a stone sculpture of Mother of God from the 17th ct., formerly belonging to an altar, which with its popular, rustic character of local production differs from the rest of the younger inventory imported in the time of economic prosperity.

The square spreads out around the church, and it was the centre of Mali Lošinj until the 19th ct., when Riva (waterfront) took over that function.

St. Martin - panorama

The church of St. Martin at the cemetery

The parochial church of Our Little Lady (Anunciata)

Defensive tower - refuge was built in the 15th ct. due to the danger of pirates' attacks. The building of a Baroque parochial church of Nativity of the Virgin Mary (Anunciata) with three naves and a bell-tower in a Venetian style, started in the middle of the village by the end of the 17th ct. (1696), and it was finished in 1757., when it was extended and gained a representative Baroque front.

veća slika
The church od the Annunciation
of Blessed Virgin Mary

On the hill opposite the church there is a calvary with Baroque stations, and on the most protruding cape of Čikat, cape Anuncijata, there is a chapel of Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, renovated and enlarged in 1858., where are kept numerous votive gifts.

Čikat - vilas

It is a settlement of an open type, which gradually spreads towards the coast in a protected cove. In the beginning it was a settlement of a cattle-raising and agrarian character, and later, in the 18th and 19th ct. of a maritime character.

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