The town area, with the expanse of 223 km2, includes the southern part of the island of Cres, from the bays Koromačno and Ustrine, also the island of Lošinj and a group of smaller islands and islets (Unije, Ilovik, Susak, Srakane Male, Srakane Vele, etc.). Today this area has about 8719 inhabitants (census from 1991.), in 14 localities which form the town of Mali Lošinj (Belej, Ćunski, Ilovik, Male Srakane, Mali Lošinj, Nerezine, Osor, Punta Križa, Susak, Sv. Jakov, Unije, Ustrine, Vele Srakane, Veli Lošinj). Mali Lošinj is administrative and cultural centre of the whole town's territory.

Cultural - Historical Heritage Osor Mali Lošinj Veli Lošinj Nerezine Sveti Jakov The arhipelago of Lošinj

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