The expanse of the Town Krk covers an area of 18 km2 of the southwestern and central part of the island of Krk. It is a region which ascends from the sea towards the central part of the island. The coastal part is indented, rich in numerous smaller coves. Two large inlets, inlet Čavlena and Puntarska Draga are granted to districts Malinska and Punat. Lake Ponikve is situated inside the island, which is important for the water supplies of Krk, Punat and Vrbnik.

For centuries this region has been oriented towards agriculture, and partly also towards olive growing. Today the primary economical branch is tourism. There are many indications that the economical development is again starting to rely on agriculture, mainly horticulture, wine-growing, olive growing, and to an extent also cattle breeding, as combined with tourism.

The Town Krk area comprises 15 settlements. According to the unofficial census from 2001, the area of the town Krk has 5583 inhabitants. The population density surpasses the average density of an island, but most of the inhabitants are situated in Krk and to a certain degree in Kornić, while other settlements possess lower density.

The whole area of the Town Krk, and especially the town Krk, are in particular rich in cultural-historical heritage, which has been partially included in the touristic offer so far, yet still to an unsufficient degree.

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