The ethnographical zone of Poljica also includes settlements Bajčići, Žgaljići, Nenadići, Brusići (with hamlets Kapovci, Brozići).


Those are settlements of an open type, consisting of a number of house plots. One house plot is composed of one or more residential structures with outhouses which represent, in a whole or in detail, the traditional architectural culture of the island of Krk.

Poljica - St. Mary

The characteristic architectural features of the settlement are single-storey or two-storey houses made of stone, with gable roof covered with half-round tiles, the typical external staircase and a vaulted stone staircase. Dominating the interior are hearths with massive chimneys, and a characteristic external corbel, i.e. baker`s oven near the hearth. Close to the living quarters, there are the outhouses constructed in drystone wall technique with a vegetable covering, what witnesses the strong agricultural tradition of that part of the island.


The historical data connect this zone to the migrations of the inland population in the 15th c. Traditional data speak about local migrations in this area, evidencing the continuity of the settlement before the 15th c. According to the traditional architectural features, as well as culture in general, the area of this zone exemplifies the cultural circle which corresponds to the borders of the formed feudal period of the 14th-15th c.



Kornić is for the first time mentioned in the 15th c. It is a village unit which, according to its external features and historical sources, represents a unique traditional area and proves itself as an ethnozone. The external features of the zone are: organization of the environment defined with drystone walls, mostly agricultural contents, and location and organization of the settlement near the cultivable lands in the vicinity to pasture lands.

Kornić - The Church And The Well


According to the historical sources, the characteristics of the settlement are: houses with a smaller ground plan with a house plot, vaultings with an external staircase as a typical architectural detail. Spatially, the zone merges into a whole by means of a road Lakmartin - Muraj - Brautovci- Kornić. The same road together with settlements Lakmartin - Brautovci – Kornić presents historically precious units.

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