The area of the town is composed of two distinct natural-geographical units: the interior alluvial valley as a part of the Valley of Vinodol which reaches out from settlement Bakarac in The bay of Bakar to settlement Veli Dol and the coastal mountain ridge collateral to the valley. The highest paeks of the ridge are Mižolovo (308.5 m) and Beč (319 m). The town extends in northwestern – southeastern direction.

The following towns belong to the area of Kraljevica: Bakarac, Kraljevica, Križišće, Mali Dol, Veli Dol and Šmrika. The main centre is Kraljevica. Settlements Križišće, Veli Dol, Mali Dol and Šmrika originally possess rural character, but they also present some of the urban characteristics in regards to the intensive development of traffic and trade in the 19th and the beginning of the 20th c. Those characteristic feature in public and residential structures with typical elements belonging to coastal urban and semi-urban architecture.

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