Ethno-zones and ethno-monuments

The ethnological heritage is somewhat preserved in the area of Bakarac in two protected ethno-zones near the coast of the bay of Bakar: "tunere" (shore tunny lookout) and "prezidi"(wall partitions).

Shore tunny lookouts in Bakarac

Shore tunny towers are the remains of characteristic devices for tunny fishing in the area of Kvarner. They served as observation posts for tunny fishing, once one of the more important economical activities of this area and a recognizable visual motif of the sea coast.

They were renovated to the incentive of local people and in cooperation with art-conservation office, but the present state demands further preservation works.

Ethno-zone "prezidi"
It consists of a former agricultural vineyard area between Bakar and Bakarac, which developed by forest clearance in the 18th c, and it was preserved till the 30-s of the last century. With the underpinning of terrace-like plots in drystone wall technique and the planting of wine grapes, the southern slopes of the hill have been permanently cultivated. In regard to the size of this area, characteristic for Mediterranean agriculture, it is avaluable document of traditional architecture.

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