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The Castle was built supposedly in the time of the Wallsee familiy for the "Kastavian captains" who governed Kastav for this family. Similarly to other buildings in Kastav this was a simple, modest house. G.Cobler quoted that the Castle for a long period existed without it's principal function, captains and vice captains being settled in a nearby house.

In the first years of the 18th century in times that Kastav was in the hands of Jesuits, Carlo Martinuzzi, architect in the Dukedom of Krain, received the task to project a new Castle at Zudika for Captains and their crew.
This project was not realized because of the cost of such an undertaking.

The Castle was at Kastav Captains disposal up to year 1773 when the property changed to the government and the year 1784 when it was sold to French knight Thierry, then he sold it to the last proprietor J.Vranicani-Dobrijevic in the year 1843.

The Castle was adapted later for the public school and the workers school. It is visible that the Castle was in a way reconstructed adding some parts. It is not to exclude thar the southern front of the building was connected with the towns wall looking to the sea (R. Matejcic: Building inheritance of Kastav, Proc.Kastav, II/1981,pp.71.).

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Entrance at the square, the well at the square

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