Vrbovsko - Kamačnik Lokve Bijele stijene

Vrbovsko - the brook Kamačnik, Lokve, "Bijele stijene"

Gorski Kotar is a mountain region in the hinterland of Vinodol coast in Croatia. It is located between Slovenia on the north and northwest, Rijeka coast on the southeast, Ogulin and Plascan valley and low Pokuplje on the east and northeast, and Lika on the southeast. Due to its settlement, this mountain area was isolated for long time in the past. But it was not before the first half of the 18th, and especially in the 19th century, by construction of the first better roads (King Charles Road, Louise Road), which connect the coast and Croatian hinterland, and after modern exploitation of the , that Gorski Kotar gained importance. By its appearance it differs a great deal from the surrounding regions: it has particularly high mountain characteristics therefore there are predominant natural and very green areas. An average heights from 700 to 900 m and high quantity of precipitation have made and still make considerable influence on woody density and natural renewal of the forest.

Part of Gorski Kotar, within the district Primorsko - goranska, encompasses 1,273 sq km. On that area there are 30,711 inhabitants, or 24.1 inhabitant per sq km. According to the law regarding districts, cities, and municipalities of the Republic of Croatia, the mountain area of the District is divided into:

Gorski kotar - mapa

Since the very ancient times, paths, ways, and roads remained firm coordinates of the area of Gorski Kotar, and combine general, human, space, economic and ethnographic situation. In contrast to roads, the railway has never made an significant influence on the space relations of Gorski Kotar, nor did it make any stimulus for new concentration of inhabitants and new construction.

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