The association INECO (INformation for ECOlogy) promotes the development of research, scientific and technical education and training of young scientists. INECO supports also talented pupils to acquire new knowledge and ability for application of scientific and technical achievements in ecology. All this is needed to satisfy the interests and necessities of men in protection of the working and living environment.

INECO is working for the Area planning and human environment protection department, County "Primorsko-goranska" and with the Society of Cybernetics, to organize a hypermedial database for the sites of the Castle in Bakar , Kastav , Mošćenice, Vrbnik, Gorski Kotar, The Valley of Vinodol, Cres and Lošinj, The Island Of Krk, The Town Krk, The Valley Of Baška, Omišalj, Malinska, Punat, The Island Of Rab and Town Kraljevica . This work will be continued giving the most suitable solution to the needs and the potentials of both partners.

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Text: Gordana Rafajlović, archt., Gordana Uroda, archt.
English text: Josipa Gulin, Marija Mičetić

Photos: Vlado Mezak (Bakar), Miljenko Vranković (Kastav),
Teodora Cimaš, B.A. (Mošćenice, Vrbnik, Gorski Kotar, The Valley of Vinodol, Cres, Lošinj)
HTML: Nataša Hoić-Božić (Bakar, Kastav, Mošćenice, Vrbnik, Gorski Kotar)
Vlasta Mutabžija, (The Valley of Vinodol, Cres, Lošinj,The Island of Krk, Town Krk, Town Kraljevica, Omišalj, Punat, Malinska, The Island of Rab)

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