In 1967 three friends (Dragojloviĉ, Illiassich, Prohiĉ) succeeded to form the Society of Cybernetics with the main goal to join experts from different fields of activity (economy, technical, education) to forward the knowledge in the field of computer science and cybernetics. The bulletin Cybernetica 80 published from 1972 indicated our orientation to the future. Yearly volume of this publication was 200 pages. In some years we published also the proceedings of annual meetings organized by the Chamber of Commerce for informaticians in our county.

In the first years of existence our biggest efforts were to forward the formation of a municipal computer center. We organized courses for future employees of this center, other adults and young people. Further, we concentrated to demonstrate the possibility of new small computers in various schools in our county. This was in effect from 1978 to 1983.

In cooperation with the Faculty forEducation, Chamber of Commerce and Industry and other organizations we conducted various courses in the field of computer science. Following our initiative HD MIPRO organized in the 1994 a seminar "Multimedia in Education" in Opatija, with our lecturers. In 1995 this seminar will be repeated but with new themes. Our county helped with a CD-ROM reader.
Before we had 200 members but today 30 are active.

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