According to data issued by the State Administration for cultural and natural heritage protection, on the territory of the town Cres there has been recorded a great wealth of cultural-historic heritage, a considerable number of which (19) have been registered and protected as immovable monuments of culture:

Protected monuments of culture

a. Town settlements (urban units):

b. Village settlements (rural units):

c. Archeological and hydroarcheological zones and sites:

  • ruins of the church and monastery in Porozina
  • coastal waters around cape Pernat, the finding place of amphorae and domestic ceramics
  • coastal waters around cape Kijac in the cove Martinšćica, the finding place of amphorae

d. Etno-zones and etno-monuments:

    in Orlec:
  • Olive-mill, Orlec Nr.7.
  • Olive-mill, Orlec Nr.14.

e. Individual buildings:

  • St. Mary,s Cathedral
  • Church of St. Isidore
  • Monastery and church of St. Francis
  • Town lodge
  • Venetian tower and town walls
  • Palace Arsan - Petris

    in Martinšćica:

  • Monastery and church of St. Jerome

    in Orlec:

  • stone house Nr. 14.