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Porozina - St. Nicholas

Porozina is the name for the village and ferry port at the westernmost cape of Cres. The place has been from times immemorial the only suitable spot for landing. In the antique times a lighthouse was situated on the little hill above the port, after which the locality got its name (Pharum insulae).

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Ruins Of The Monastery
St. Nicholas

Today there are found dilapidated remains of Franciscan monastery of St. Nicholas and gothic church from the 15th ct. The monastery belonged to Franciscan Tertiary priests saying the mass from Glagolitic missal, who managed to preserve Old Slavic language in church usage. The church is well preserved, there are also Glagolitic inscriptions, but monastery buildings were deserted in 1843. and partly ruined. The remains of the walls show characteristics of Renaissance architecture.


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