Beli - panorama Beli - panorama
Beli - panorama

The centre of Tramuntana - Beli, is an ancient little town condensed at the top of 130 m high hill of the eastern coast of northern part of Cres. It is called eagle’s nest because it is situated steep above the sea and for white-headed vulture who inhabits these places.

An old Roman bridge 8 m long is preserved below the town on the western side. It is used to bridge over a gully which cuts admission to the town from the terrestrial side.

Roman Bridge
Roman Bridge

The bridge is undoubtedly of Roman origin, what testifies its building technique, and it is estimated that it is about 2000 years old. It is constructed of regularly chiseled stones leaning against eachother so precisely that the whole bridge looks like one large stone mass. The old road used to lead over it, until the present road was built several years ago.

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