The panel of Baška is one of the oldest written, carved in stone monuments of Croatian language, which was made about 1100. The inscription carved on the panel in 13 lines tells about the building of the church and brings forth the text of the deed of gift of king Zvonimir, who donates land to the church, and names the witnesses. The panel has an outstanding significance, not only cultural and scientific, but also a national one for all Croats.

The text of the panel of Baška I, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, me abbot Držiha wrote this on the ground that gave Zvonimir, Croatian king, in his days to Sta. Lucy, and the witnesses: Desimira, district prefect in Krbava, Martin in Lika, Pribineža in Vinodol, Jakov on the island. If someone denies it, let God and the twelve Apostles and four evangelists and Holy Lucy put a curse on him, amen.

Me abbot Dobrovit constructed this church together with nine brothers of mine in the days of prince Kosmat who ruled his border-land. And in these days Mikula was in Otočac together with Holy Lucy.

The panel was made in the period of the transformation of rounded Glagolitic script of south-Slavic type into a square one, which forms in the area of northern Adriatic and is called Croatian Glagolitic script. The language of the panel is Old Croatian with elements of Old Slavic language.

The information about Croatian king Zvonimir is the first mention of Croatian name in Croatian language and it is the oldest confirmation of the name of king Zvonimir, and also the proof that the island of Krk was within the borders of the Croatian state. Vinodol is here for the first time mentioned with its Slavic name.

The panel of Baška was found in 1851. by parish priest Petar Dorčić, and it was built into the church floor. The panel originally had elements of polychromy. Along the upper edge there is an ornamented zone with vegetable motif of tendrils and leaves, like the one on planar carvings of the 10th-12th c. The remaining space is filled with Glagolitic inscription, with the exception of the left margin which is 10 cm wide and left blank. That indicates that the panel was originally placed in front of the altar and on the left side, while on the right side there must have been another one, but only a fragment of this one was found. Today the panel is kept in the assembly hall of the Croatian Academy of Science and Art in Zagreb.

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