THE BAŠKA DISTRICT is situated at the utmost south-eastern part of the island of Krk. It comprises 101 km2 of the surface, what makes more than a fourth of the total island area. The area of Baška is specific for its configuration, where almost mountain region takes turns with very steep, rocky slopes of Treskavica (330m) with the highest peak of the island (Obzova, around 570m), with a deep and mild valley of Baška. The island of Prvić is particularly interesting, with a rocky, precipitous configuration (335m), which still has oasis of vegetation and is a habitat of a griffon vulture.

The valley /cove/ of Baška is a deep and gentle depression, filled with vegetation, which reaches all the way to the sea. The whole valley is exceptionally fertile and it is rich in plants some of which are curative and rare. The plant called Borbašova lazarkinja grows only in this region. The valley has several springs and one river: Vela Rika or Suha Ričina. Several settlements are situated in the valley, which have constituted a unity throughout the centuries: Bašćanska Draga, Jurandvor, Batomalj and Baška at the coastline.

The region of Baška is rich in an exquisite cultural-historical heritage.

Protected monuments of culture:
Urban unit:

  • Baška , 1970.
  • Rural unit:

  • Batomalj, 1972.
  • Jurandvor, 1973.
  • Sv. Juraj – Bašćanska Draga, 1972.
  • Etnozones and etno-monuments:

  • Sv. Juraj – Bašćanska Draga, 1976.
  • Flour mill and the stamping mill, 1966.
  • Individual architecture:

  • · Church of Sta. Lucy., 1973.
  • Archeological and hydro-archeological zones and localities:

  • Roman tomb, 1970.
  • coastal waters from Bašćanska Draga to the cove Mala Luka, 1967.
  • coastal waters of the island of Prvić, from cape Stražica to the cliff Njivice, 1967.
  • cape Dubno, 1975.
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