[The eastern front] [The view of the Bakar bay] [The southern front]

The eastern front, the view of the Bakar bay, the southern front

The present day appearance is the result of numerous reconstructions and adaptations. The irregular trangle-like foundation of the Castle can be dated back to the 16th century. There was no investigations of previous phases so far. A more regular triangle-like ground-plan can be noticed at the southern two-storey residential part of the Castle, probably made so in the 17th century. The northern front of the Castle is also of interest.

The Castle has various spacious rooms and service rooms, entrance from the principal tower and from the court yard having a draw-well.
Entering through the entrance tower near to the "Big door", the way conduces through the small courtyard to the stairs with the iron railing and from the first floor to the hall with balcony. From this hall we can enter the former chapel St. Michael, wich had a baroque altar, then a few meters away a kitchen with a low fire-place. In addition to this kitchen in the Castle were three kitchen, cistern in the courtyard, two jails and a number of spacious halls. From the wide rooms in the second floor a magnificent view of the Bakar bay can be made.

History of the Castle  
  Present-day condition

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