[The western entrance] The Castle is today in a very bad condition. The whole interior is ruined, the roof construction damaged. The first work of preservation started in 1952 with the goal of a thorough renewal, contunued with the repair of the front-side in the sixties. [The inside courtyard]
The Western entrance, a detail   The inside courtyard, the well

The Castle is the only building in Bakar without use, having not a sensible purpose. Two propositions were made. First, touristic, with a hotel of a higher category. Second, providing the use as a cultural centre.

In a properly reconstructed Castle, with two floors with at least 600 sq.m. of useful surface it might be possible to realize good conditions for assemblies, tribunes, lectures, research presentations, archivation etc., all this related to scientific programmes, scientific meetings or summer schools with subjects connected to this historical neighbourhood, being this the role of Bakar through centuries.

[The interior] [The interior] [A detail]

The interior of the Castle and a detail

  History of the Castle

Ineco, 1995./2005.