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The first fortifications are known to be made in the early Middle Age, the time of great peoples migration. In those days the population from the coast moved to safer places, i.e. to the hill 50 metres above the sea surface. Further investigations should confirm this hypothesis.

The additional construction of the old building, the complete feudal castle, has to be put to the period under Dukes of Krk possession. According to the permission of the King they made the defensive walls higher, fixed the towers Turan and Fortica in such a way that Bakar could with right be mentioned in the Vinodol Law as a fortified town.

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The entrance to "Grad", glagolic inscription on the port

In the year 1530 King Ferdinand I ordered a new fortification of the Castle because of imminent danger of Turk or Venetian invasion, what is confirmed by the inscription in glagolic on the new entrance.
This inscription says that the highest commanding officer of the Royal Army
Jerolim of Zadar commanded the fortification by towers against Turk attack. His subordinate officer Captain of Bakar and Vinodol Jean Jacob de Pani carried out this construction making two new towers and making the defence walls higher and stronger.

About the 1557 the Castle is in the possession of Duke Zrinski.The family Zrinski held this property until both families Zrinski and Frankopan lost all their possessions. Later the Castle has been neglected.

The known earthquakes on 1750 and 1751 damaged the Castle, mostly the higher floors and the highest tower. The walls cracked and the roof got many holes. This was repaired and the Castle seemed similar to its todays appareance. It was used by administration and the army forces. Some time later Castle was used by linen production and in the year 1849 for nautical cabinets. In 1848 Ban Jelacic ordered a new entrance at the eastern part to be opened, now called Banska vrata.

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